Ausco Products

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A Western Australian owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture of marine hardware, fabrication and engineering, utilising its own foundry to meet the highest standards, on time and cost effectively.

Over the past few decades we have produced fabrication solutions for mining, drilling and construction industries, design and fabrication of tandem-axel box trailers, aluminium framework, and the design, manufacture, and installation of customised production line equipment.

The high level supervision involved in all Ausco Products manufacturing processes means that absolutely every job passes an extensive testing process before leaving their foundry/workshop, including strict, regular quality control checks at every stage of production. A supervisor signs off all preparatory work, and all structural fabrication is required to pass compliance testing.

Ausco Products clients include suppliers of mining and drilling components and equipment for use in the prospering WA mining industry. They have also delivered several steel fabrication projects for large clients in the building and construction sectors.