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Ausco Products is a Western Australian owned & operated company that has been in operation for over 70 years specialising in engineering design and machining services.

Ausco is committed to providing a fast turn around and high quality engineering design and machining services to a variety of businesses including many key players in the oil & gas industry, mineral resources sector and marine industry. Companies both small and large choose Ausco for both small quantity runs of specialist parts, as well as larger quantity runs of regular items.

Ausco also produces our own range of accessories for the marine industry such as deck plates, bollards and cleats, which are finished to a high standard. These products are promoted mainly at the wholesale level, to a network of marine part suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Received the portholes today, and just like to thank you for a beautiful job.
Thanks also or the bell, a really nice gesture.
Deck beams are in and the portholes will go in after she is upright.

Bill Koppe

Blow Up Imaging

Thank you for all of your valued time and effort you put into organising the segment for ‘JUST ADD WATER’.
Your story is scheduled to go to air in episode 5 on Thursday the 15th January, 1998.
A program like ‘JUST ADD WATER’ is only possible with the support of people such as yourselves.

Vanessa Wright

Production Assistant, JUST ADD WATER

The Volunteer Workers of Wheelchairs for Kids Inc. acknowledge and thank Ausco Products for the ongoing support you provide for the project.

GJ Hudson

Chief Executive Officer, Wheelchairs for Kids Inc