Ausco Products began post World War II (1946) in a small size carport as a foundry supplying a vast range of item including ball valves, dancing taps and football sprigs. In 1947 then moving to Harold Street, Dianella staying at the same site through to 2001. In 2001 Ausco relocated to a new premises at 273 Camboon Road Malaga.

Through the years Ausco vastly developed its product line to cater the needs of the marine industry. These products include deck hardware, portholes, skin fittings and hose connectors. Still to this day Ausco maintains a well known name in the marine industry, producing some of the finest portholes in the world.

Expanding Ausco’s capabilities further, began a new era for the company investing in CNC machines. This enabled Ausco to keep everything completely in-house.